Merchandise & Fundraisers

Buy cute merchandise and go to our fundraisers!!


Hey Sixers! 

Key Club will be selling Christmas grams starting Monday, December 3rd! Each gram is only $1 and you’ll be getting a sugar cookie AND a gingerbread man. To purchase one, contact any board member or officer.

Grams will be delivered on December 14th during periods 4, 5, 6.

Independence Key Club is selling long sleeves! For only $16, you can pre-order a comfy warm long sleeve for the holiday season! The first 25 orders will be in a raffle to win a free key club lanyard of your choice! 

Order here:

Pay your club presidents by 12/15!

long sleeve.png

Key Club is back at it again with grams and this time we’re doing something a little different: SPAGHETTI GRAMS!!,,, or SpooKEYtti grams (pub intended) hohoho 

For the price of $3, you’ll receive spaghetti (w/ cheese eyes and finger sausages) and a personalized message! Grams will be delivered to periods 4-6.

If you’d like to purchase a gram, contact any Key Club Officer or board member! We’ll be selling until October 30th, so get them quick!!

Independence Key Club is hosting another fundraiser, and this time it’s Tastea! Now you have an excuse to spend your money on milk tea because now you’re also supporting a great cause! 
50% of proceeds will be going toward MNT. You MUST show the flyer at the time of purchase (Digitally or physically). 

SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!! Tuesday, October 30th 6-9 PM. Be there or 🐝 square.

tastea funsraise.png

Independence Key Club is back at it again with another fundraiser and this time it’s Jazen Tea!! End your week off with Jazen Tea and right after, stop by the D12E Spirit Bootcamp being held right at school too :O



-Original Milk Tea with Boba

-Lychee Explosion (Lychee Fruit Tea with Lychee and Aloe Vera)

We’ll be selling in front of the pool after 6th & 7th!

**Drinks will be in Pho Hoa cups, but the drinks are from Jazen Tea!!!

Independence Key Club will be selling bento boxes for only $3 (3 tickets) at Tailgate this Friday!!! We’ll be using this event page to keep you guys updated, so make sure to click “going” to see previews and such!

ALSO,, it’ll be first come first serve because of the limited quantity so RUN!! Can’t wait to see you all there ♥



PRICE: $3 
-Roasted Milk Tea w/ Boba
-Strawberry Green Tea w/ Litchi Jelly
-Passion Fruit Green Tea w/ Litchi Jelly

WHEN: Thursday, October 4th after 6th and 7th

WHERE: In front of the pool 

Cool Tea Bar Fundreaiser

Mondays suck but you know what doesn’t?? KEY CLUB’S FIRST FUNDRAISER OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!

Key Club is hosting a Cool Tea Bar Fundraiser! It’s the perfect way to start off your Monday with milk tea for only $3!!

-passion fruit green tea with lychee jelly
-roasted milk tea with boba
WHERE: In front of the pool after 6th and 7th

39900367_261878737774522_6968464664007016448_n (1).png

Inde Key Club Lanyards

This year, we’re selling TWO (2) types of lanyards: a division design & a Inde-themed design! Both of the designs are SUPER cute and affordable, so make sure to pre-order quick. All of the specific details are in the form, but some information includes:

-PRICE: $5 for division design & $4 for Inde-themed design. (Keep in mind that the division one is slightly pricier because of the multiple colors!)—still worth though!! For BOTH, you can save $1 and only have to pay $8!! (wHAT A STEAL)
-Pre-order/pay by August 19th (August DCM); regular order/pay by September 30th (RTC)
-Hand money to club PRESIDENT (hehe aka me) by deadline (depending on order date)


Sweet Fix Creamery Fundraiser

What: hang out and buy ice cream at Sweet Fix to support IHS Key’s fundraiser
When: Sunday, July 22nd 11AM-11PM
Where: Sweet Fix Creamery! (2715 McKee Rd San Jose, CA 95127 United States)
Who: YOU! Bring your friends and family! 

20% of the proceeds will go towards one of our major charities: Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP)!!

Sweet Fix fund.png

Pekoe Fundraiser

Independence High School Key Club presents our very first fundraiser for the 2018-2019 term! This is the first fundraiser that our newly appointed treasurer Eileen Huynh is hosting! 
WHEN: Tuesday, May 22nd after 2nd (aka during Lunch) and after 7th!! ((FINALS SCHEDULE))
- Pretty in Pink
- Manly Melon
- Foxy Brown
PRICE: $5!!