Merchandise & Fundraisers

Buy cute merchandise and go to our fundraisers!!


Inde Key Club Lanyards

This year, we’re selling TWO (2) types of lanyards: a division design & a Inde-themed design! Both of the designs are SUPER cute and affordable, so make sure to pre-order quick. All of the specific details are in the form, but some information includes:

-PRICE: $5 for division design & $4 for Inde-themed design. (Keep in mind that the division one is slightly pricier because of the multiple colors!)—still worth though!! For BOTH, you can save $1 and only have to pay $8!! (wHAT A STEAL)
-Pre-order/pay by August 19th (August DCM); regular order/pay by September 30th (RTC)
-Hand money to club PRESIDENT (hehe aka me) by deadline (depending on order date)


Sweet Fix Creamery Fundraiser

What: hang out and buy ice cream at Sweet Fix to support IHS Key’s fundraiser
When: Sunday, July 22nd 11AM-11PM
Where: Sweet Fix Creamery! (2715 McKee Rd San Jose, CA 95127 United States)
Who: YOU! Bring your friends and family! 

20% of the proceeds will go towards one of our major charities: Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP)!

Sweet Fix fund.png

Pekoe Fundraiser

Independence High School Key Club presents our very first fundraiser for the 2018-2019 term! This is the first fundraiser that our newly appointed treasurer Eileen Huynh is hosting! 
WHEN: Tuesday, May 22nd after 2nd (aka during Lunch) and after 7th!! ((FINALS SCHEDULE))
- Pretty in Pink
- Manly Melon
- Foxy Brown
PRICE: $5!!