Yes, there is an $11.50 membership fee in order to be an official member for Key Club, receive the full benefits, and earn service hours (you will get reimbursed $5 at the end of the year if you complete 25 hours). $7.00 Key Club International dues + $4.50 district (Cal-Nev-Ha) dues = $11.50; which goes toward:

  1. Insurance. In case of injury during any Key Club event, Kiwanis International will cover your medical bill. 
  2. Membership card & pin. Upon registering as a Key Club member, you will receive a membership card and pin to signify that you are a member of the Kiwanis Family.
  3. Youth Opportunities Fund. This fund uses earned interest to help Key Club and their members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education.

Moreover, by paying your dues, you'll gain numerous benefits: 

- have your name and records in the CNH system.
- the opportunity to receive scholarships.
- attend and be recognized at district convention.
- receive your official Key Club membership card, pin, and handbook.
- gain the opportunity to attend major Key Club events (leadership conferences and conventions).
- make new friends, memories, and have fun!

If you're interested and want to become an official Key Club member, download the membership form here alongside the $11.50. You can turn in the form and money to any Key Club officer during the school year.


When your Dues are paid, your name will be inputted into the Kiwanis CNH Official Database, the Membership Update Center (MUC), which is accessible by colleges and universities. In this system, all of your actions and records within Key Club will be recorded under your name. If your name is not in the system and you add Key Club as an extracurricular activity on your college applications, colleges will be able to see that you are not in the system and consider it lying and your application could be rescinded. This is why it is very important to pay your dues!


The Member Recognition Program (MRP) is a club judged program that allows any and all members to be recognized by the CNH District for their hard work throughout the year! 

There are 4 levels that members can reach:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

However, there are certain requirements.A specific number of hours need to be reached and certain activities need to be attended.All requirements are stated below. To learn more about the Membership Recognition Program and know specific details about the requirements, click on the image.


I. What will happen if I do not pay my dues?
If you do not pay your dues and you list Key Club as an extra curricular on your college applications, you could have your application revoked because colleges are able to check to see if your name is actually in the Dues-Paid CNH Official Database, the Membership Update Center (MUC). 

II. Do I have to pay my dues every year even if I paid last year?
Yes, each member has to pay his or her dues EVERY year because each year is a new term. That means in high school, you should be paying for four terms: four payments for dues in total throughout high school. 

III. Can I go to District Convention (DCON) without paying my dues?
No, each member that wishes to attend DCON must be a dues payed member for the current term. No exceptions.